Mama to CEO $5k Success Stories

In Mama to CEO, your first goal is making 5k. 

You aim to do it in a month – but if you don’t do it in 30 days, you keep going. However long it takes to make that first 5k, you keep going. 

And then you get to work to do it again, better. Simpler, calmer, faster. 

You become the master at making 5k. You hit consistent 5k months. 

On today’s episode of Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m interviewing 4 Mama to CEO students who have recently hit 5k months. 

Halima had made about $3k last year in her business. In October she decided to join Mama to CEO and hit her first $7k cash month in January.

Ema had signed up for all the freebies and courses and still wasn’t getting the results she wanted. Once joining Mama to CEO she began working on her thought belief which ultimately resulted in her making $5k within 8 days.

Victoria was making $6k/year before joining Mama to CEO. She joined the program in December and has already made more than she had made all of last year.

Michelle tripled her business income in 2021 all while having twin babies during that year. She hit her first $5k month in January when she changed her mindset towards her business. 

Their stories are all different, and all incredibly inspiring. I had goosebumps and I’m sure you will too.

Watch our discussion below!

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The transformations possible once joining Mama to CEO
  • How believing in yourself and doing the thought work is the key to success
  • What it takes to make 5k in a month’s time or less
  • The mental shifts made when investing in themselves and how it impacted their business and lives

Learn more about Victoria:

Victoria is a food & body image coach for women, specializing in helping women eat healthy without dieting and stop hating their bodies. Victoria teaches how to have a healthy lifestyle by combining body image coaching with intuitive eating so that you feel confident in your body and never have to go on another diet ever again.

Learn more about Michelle:

Meet Michelle, The Christian Dating Coach. She helps women go from “just pray and wait” to “pray and take action.” When women feel successful in everything but their love life, Michelle teaches them the 3 C’s.  Confidence. Connection. And Chemistry. They come to believe that they’re desirable, they start to meet more compatible men, and their interactions go from boring to electric.

Learn more about Ema:

Ema is a Certified Dubsado Specialist and Web Designer. She helps women elevate their online business through strategic websites and systems.

Learn more about Halima:

Halima has been a wedding planner for over 10 years. She is a Honeybook educator, wedding business coach, and the founder of Lively Wed Academy. During her years as a wedding business owner, she took her business from zero weddings booked to a fully booked business in less than 12 months. During that same time, she created a proven sales framework that became the foundation of her business. She uses that framework to help wedding planners create a full time income in their business so they can quit their 9-5. All without any slimy sales tactics, or spending a ton on advertising.

Featured on this episode:

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