Mama to CEO: Calling all Clients

Calling all clients – current and future! You’ll want to be all ears as I get down to business with not only one, but several of my Mama to CEO clients. Yes, you heard me correctly, multiple successful Mama to CEO clients came on my podcast at the same time, and yes, the outcome is so inspiring. People who are in the Mama to CEO program are in love with these episodes as they really help them utilize the program on a deeper level.

You must tune in to hear all about how these ladies got to where they are today. Their journeys are all unique, yet they all have one thing in common: Mama to CEO has greatly impacted them in so many positive ways in order for them to get to where they are today. 

  • Carin is a podcast producer and spiritual director who made her money back quickly after joining in December and since then has had her biggest months ever and stepped into seeing herself as a CEO. 
  • Samantha is a health coach who made double in Q1 of this year what she did in the prior two years, and her story is an inspiration to anyone who worries that they will never figure it out. 
  • Christina is a financial coach who joined in March and had her first $6k month in April!
  • Kristiina is a long time Mama to CEO client who used the program to build up a six figure virtual assisting business and transition into being a business manager for high profile clients.

Listen today as my clients celebrate their wins, share their wisdom, and talk about their story of building their business in the program… you are going to love this conversation.

Watch our discussion below:

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of asking yourself, “Who can I contribute the most to?” when picking clients. 
  • Why taking action is integral to making your dreams happen.
  • The three key takeaways from the Mama to CEO program. 
  • How important it is to be persistent – because success might take time and not everyone has an overnight success story.

Learn more about Carin

Carin Huebner is a Spiritual Director and Podcast Producer. She helps womxn + folx of other oppressed identities heal from internalized oppression + trauma and go public with their wild and wonderful contribution to this world… so we can all heal together. 

Learn more about Kristiina

Kristiina Craven is a Virtual Operations Manager and Virtual Assistant Mentor helping corporate dropouts and stay at home moms transition to the freelance world.

Learn more about Christina

Christina is the owner of Picture It Personal Finance, a boutique Financial Coaching company. As a Financial Coach, Christina helps professionals and small business owners eliminate debt, build financial security, and pursue the future they want. She is also a wife and mom of two, personal development super fan, Star Trek binge watcher, author and needlework enthusiast. Further, Christina is a former VP with 15+ years experience at a major financial institution. She holds an MBA in Business Strategy and certifications for both Financial Coaching and Bookkeeping. Her passion is to help solopreneurs gain clarity over their business finances so they can pay themselves consistently, grow their income, and afford the lifestyle they want while doing work they love.  

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Learn more about Samantha

Samantha is a Health & Life Coach for busy women, helping them lose weight for the last time & create no-brainer healthy habits that fit who they are and their lifestyle.  Samantha knows the power of possibility from having run ultramarathons for over 8 years, including a 100 miler and multiple races while pregnant, as well as having over 10 years experience in the health & fitness industry. She loves to see clients reach their health goals to then go onto the big goals & dreams they have in LIFE! 

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