Messages from the universe

Do you ever see the same message coming up over and over again? It’s like billboards posted along the road of your life that you keep seeing that keep pointing you to something – not fast food or hotels – but a lesson for your life.

This happens to me regularly and I call it messages from the universe. This week, I’ve been getting two messages everywhere: in facebook posts, books I’m reading, memes friends are sharing, and conversations with friends and clients. The messages go together, and instead of keeping them to myself, it seemed like a good idea to share.

Dry spells happen.

Right now, we’re in a totally fertile time – summer – where everything is growing like crazy. On the other side of the year, we have winter which seems completely dead, cold, and unproductive. If you imagine that your life goes through seasons too, you may notice that you’ve had phases where things are growing and exciting, and times where it seems like nothing works and you have no motivation.

Winter is important for our gardens to recharge and recuperate after sustaining your veggie bonanza in summer. In winter, there is a lot going on under the surface that you can’t see. It feels like nothing is happening and nothing ever will. You are discouraged and wondering if whatever you’re pursuing is worth it: your degree, a business venture, working toward a promotion, weight loss or fitness goals, etc.

If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, unmotivated, and lost, don’t give up hope because…

Your life can change overnight.

The flip side of the dry spell is that at any time, things can and will eventually change. After years of terrible first dates, the next date might be the one. After applying for hundreds (or thousands) or jobs and receiving countless “we had many qualified applicants” rejection letters, this job could be yours. After several unsuccessful business ventures, this idea could be the big idea.

Right now, I’m seeing people meet great new partners, score dream jobs, finally lose those 5 pounds they’ve been struggling with, and breakthrough feeling generally stuck. Evidence is everywhere that your circumstances can change overnight. Are you choosing to see it? Every time you see someone who has something you want, you can choose to see it as evidence of what is possible or as a sign that there isn’t enough to go around. Which lens are you choosing?

Remember that feeling like you’re at a dead end is a feeling, not a truth. If you keep trying, working, and staying open to possibilities, those baby steps will add up and the season will change.

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