One Thought That Changed It All with Jessica Berk

There’s you – and there’s the money you want to make. What stands in between, is thoughts you have. 

Sometimes, it’s just one thought that makes all the difference.

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I am interviewing my student, sleep consultant Jessica Berk, about the one thought that changed it all for her.

We’ll discuss how this one thought more than doubled her conversion rates on her discovery calls, leading to her getting fully booked very quickly, and consequently raising her rates, developing a course, and scaling her business. We’ll also explore the realities of scaling a business and the challenges that come up when you build your next level. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What game changing thought doubled Jessica’s monthly revenue and ultimately transformed her business
  • How to sell confidently on consult calls – without sounding like a sleazy salesman!
  • What scaling a business actually looks like – and what tools can help you do it
  • Why lower cost offers are not always easier to sell than higher cost offers

Learn More About Jessica Berk:

Jessica Berk is a nationally certified toddler sleep consultant. She helps clients across the country tackle their family’s sleep challenges, working with parents of kids aged 2.5+ on how to transition kids from crib to bed, how to make bedtime easier (and fun!), how to stop toddlers from waking up in the middle of the night, and more.

Featured on this episode:

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