Overcharging And Underdelivering

Here’s a question that frequently comes up during coaching sessions:

Where’s the line between selling yourself short,undervaluing what you provide, and charging too much?

And the answers to these questions are…

There’s really no right or wrong answer. 

Frustrating, right?

Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula, or hidden pricing guide somewhere that you should be following to determine your pricing. It is constantly changing. 

So, if you’re questioning your pricing, especially if you’re a newer business, the hesitation and anxiety surrounding pricing is completely normal; you’re in good company.

I invited my sister, and COO, Brenna back to the podcast this week, to chat more about this topic. We will chat more about the idea of creating prices, and how to measure them accurately for your personal needs of your business. 

My goal for this episode is that you get the perspective and tools you need to feel really great about what you offer to your clients and how it’s priced.

View our discussion below:

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the  conflicting messages we get from multiple coaches make formulating a  pricing guide that much  harder
  • How to make sure both you and your potential client are really clear on what is being promised in your work relationship
  • Why depending on what “season” you are in your business, will determine fluctuation in your pricing 
  • How to utilize multiple varied milestones to consider the flow of your pricing in your business
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