Playing Big and Playing Small

At the April 2022 Simple Scaling Mastermind event one of my clients said that she was ready to start playing BIG. This inspired me to restructure my mastermind – to create space for 90 Day leaps in your business to get you playing in the big leagues. 

If you think you’re playing small or that there’s a hierarchy where you are “lower than other people ”… you need to scratch this mentality. Playing BIG is not having a hierarchy, but rather seeing yourself as a peer. 

Coaching that is useful is coaching that makes you feel good, inspires you and motivates you. It is coaching that pushes you to DO THINGS, regardless if the thing is scary. 

Is coaching really serving you if it only shuts you down or makes you feel bad?

If you know you’ve been playing small or you’ve avoided the thoughts or ideas that make you feel exhilarated, I challenge you in this episode to get out of the box and take the next steps.

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m talking about what it actually looks like to play big or small, and how to nurture that in yourself. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why useful coaching would never shut you down but rather motivate you to take action. 
  • How tough coaching is okay as long as it empowers you. 
  • Why coaching is all about your personal experience and how you feel in your business. 
  • How rules are only opinions and how we shouldn’t latch on to rules or use coaching as an excuse to play small.

Featured on today’s episode:

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