Podcast: Self Publishing with Andromeda Huff

On episode 20, Samantha interviews Andromeda Huff of Writer Mom Life, a podcast, blog, resources, and FB community for self-published moms. When Andromeda’s not writing or podcasting under the name Daphne James Huff, she’s working at her non-writing job in the non-profit field. She recently returned stateside after 8 years living in France, bringing back a husband, a baby, a cat, and an undying love for eclairs.



  • Doing big life things in a different order
  • All the different reasons to self-publish from money to getting the books you actually want to read out there
  • Setting up a plan, but knowing it can be flexible
  • Talking about expectations: just say it, “I want to do this.”

Mentions: where to start


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