Pregnancy, Maternity, and Young Kids While Business Building

The other day, I overheard someone say, “Moms use kids as an excuse to not have a business. To not take action, and to not move their businesses forward.” 

And, as you can probably imagine, this just didn’t sit well with me.

Moms can, in fact, build a business, in all different phases and seasons of their life. As a matter of fact, motherhood and entrepreneurship can and should look different to each individualized entrepreneur..

We tend to look at people who don’t have babies and don’t have kids, and over analyze their business progression. Ironically, we believe we should be growing just as fast, which isn’t the case.

Which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to bring in a small group of guest speakers. These Moms and CEOS will share their personal stories on this subject.

In this week’s episode, I am speaking with 4 incredible mothers, and entrepreneurs. Even though all of these women are in different seasons of motherhood, they have found ways to make their business work for the needs of their families specifically. 

Although all of their backgrounds and stories may be different, one thing holds true. 

Being with people that have been or going through the same thing as you, especially in my Mama to CEO Community, really makes you feel supported in these multifaceted shifts in your business.

We think this is the normal “hum-drum”, that these are things that we normally do, and that being a mother and wanting to build a business isn’t a big deal.

However, it REALLY is such a big deal. 

If there is one takeaway I want you to leave with after today’s session, it’s this:

There isn’t a rush, you don’t have something to prove to anyone. Focus on what is the one thing(s) you want, and let’s make that happen. 

Being a mother and a business owner, especially in different phases of motherhood, can impact your business, but this doesn’t need to impact your biz long-term.

Because at the end of the day, your kids don’t want to be the reason you don’t go after your dreams. Sometimes, a lot of times it’s messy, and it may not look like the way you thought it would look like, and it’s ok.

Watch our discussion below:

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the lowest barometer of success for you when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Why giving yourself grace as a mother, a business owner, and a combination of the two, is truly the secret to feeling positive about the growth in your business
  • How being in tune with yourself, in every aspect, is not selfish, but necessary to build a business in motherhood
  • Why there are benefits to looking for support outside of just you and your spouse when it comes to your business

Learn more about Crystal:

Crystal Agyei is a Mom, CEO & retired Pediatric Critical care physician turned certified life coach and business consultant. Her mission is to heal oppression & liberate minds for BIPOC and White Allies to create more peace and fulfillment in the world.

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Learn more about Kayla:

Kayla Lyon is a Navy veteran, Marine wife, Mom to 3 kids, and an Advanced Certified Leadership & Life Coach. She helps leaders create & deliver results through effective team building and sustainable work/life balance, so no one burns out along the way.

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Learn more about Shonda:

Shonda Howard is a mindset coach and hypnotherapist that helps Gen-X Women find love. She is building her business while raising her toddler and infant in Chicago.

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Learn more about Natalie:

Dr. Natalie Morse helps high achievers get into top PhD programs with full funding so they can become leaders and changemakers. Connect with her on Instagram, Linkedin or her website for daily gems.

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