Profitable Offers

Obviously, when any of us are creating an offer in our business, we want it to be profitable.

We want to make money with it, we want it to work, and this episode is all about how to create an offer that is going to bring in a profit.

So here is the thing that I want all of you to think about, as you think about your offers.

There’s two roads in front of you, and you’ve probably never thought about your offers in this way until now.

Here’s approach one, and  this is what SO many people do.

They choose an offer, and then they create the desire and demand for it. 

So what this looks like is you have some kind of experience, interest, or set of skills that you feel really confident in. It also could be some topic that you’re really interested in, and you package that into an offer, and put it out into the world, and then you make people want it.

The second option is noticing what people already want, and making that an offer. Seriously, so many people come up with these very elaborate programs and elaborate niches for these very niche situations, and make that into an offer, and put it out into the world and no one buys it.

And then you turn around and you’re  like:

“ Oh, like I’m just not cut out for this”.

 When really you just created an offer that you didn’t necessarily know people wanted and now you’re making it mean that people don’t want you. 

Or, you’re making it mean that you can’t be an entrepreneur, when really all you have to do is notice things that people want and offer them those things. 

I’ll tell you what, there’s a lot in business that is not easy, but picking an offer that people want can be very easy if you just notice what people already want. 

This week, we are going to really get into creating profitable offers that not only people want, but that you feel confident in selling and backing. More importantly. We’ll go over how these offers will be a positive impact on your business, instead of a detrimental one.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your profit in mind, as it relates to revenue and cost of delivery of your offer.
  • Why it’s important to keep in mind how audience size relates to the appropriateness of your offer.
  • How industry norms, personal value, and your experience contribute to the pricing of your offer.
  • Why creating an irresistible, profitable offer for your ideal audience is super important.

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