Reality Of Working For Yourself

What was the reason you wanted to become a business owner?

I know for me, I wanted to be able to have a way to use my training, and degree, while simultaneously being at home while my kids were young.

 I wanted a way to have both freedom and flexibility, while still financially contributing to my family.

Having my own business, I was able to accomplish all three of those things. But here’s the problem for pretty much all business owners…

We started our business for freedom, and for flexibility. But are you actually experiencing the freedom and the flexibility that you wanted when you first decided to start ?

I would say probably for every single business owner, the answer is no at some point. 

So it’s not that it’s always going to be this terrible situation, where you’re not having freedom and flexibility…

But most of us will have periods of time where we are not experiencing as much of that as we would like, and it’s important we focus on the reality of working for ourselves. 

In this episode of the podcast, I’m solo, which felt pretty necessary based off of the conversation we would be having today about our businesses.

I will be taking you through some pivotal shifts in mindset work you need to make as a business owner. But most importantly, I will be giving you realistic and actual approaches to implement into your business today, to set yourself up for success.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How business owners carry baggage of past jobs, and societal norms, into their “mental image” of what a business from home should look like
  • Why business owners tend to have feelings that they’re not “doing enough” in their business
  • How most business owners feel like they’re the only ones struggling, and how to handle the hard in their business
  • Why creating kind and realistic plans and expectations for yourself will benefit your business in the long run
  • How working with “tangibles” instead of “feelings” will create a positive business mindset
  • Why it’s important to work with yourself,how you actually are, and question the way you are actually doing things in your business
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