Rejection and the 6 Truths

I think we can all agree on this: rejection sucks.

Whether it’s being dumped, not getting the job you wanted, or not getting a YES! from the client you were hoping for, it feels like crap.

Being rejected might trigger a cycle of thinking in your mind that goes something like this:

I’ll never be able to do this.

I should just give up.

No one wants what I have.

Yep, I totally get you – I’ve been there too. But here’s what you need to realize.. none of this is true. Rejection doesn’t mean that you should quit or that this won’t work. Here’s a big secret almost no one is talking about: rejection can mean whatever you want it to mean.

I’m going to share a concept with you that is inspired by my amazing coach and mentor, Brooke Castillo. It’s based in brain science, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and many other teachings.. AKA: this is legit, people.

Six truths:

  1. Circumstances/facts are neutral
  2. Your thoughts give meaning/interpretation to facts/circumstances
  3. Every emotion is created by a thought
  4. Every action is triggered by an emotion
  5. The actions we take create the results in our lives
  6. Our results always prove our thoughts right

Let’s take rejection and run it through these truths. The fact is that the client said no to your offer. The thought you have is that no one will ever say yes to your offer. The feeling you have is discouragement. The action you take is stop promoting your offer. The result is that no one is saying yes to your offer (because you aren’t offering). The result proves the thought.

Great news. You can choose a different thought. The fact is still that the client said no to your offer. The new thought is that you are going to keep trying until someone says yes. The feeling is determination. The action is that you remain consistent, and maybe even try some new ways of attracting new types of clients. The result is that you keep trying until someone says yes to your offer. The result proves the new thought.

Next time you experience rejection – or are discouraged – in your business, run the circumstance through these 6 truths. First, with the thought and feeling you have right now. Next, with a new thought that creates a new feeling.

The magic of these truths is that they jolt you out of your pity party, confusion, or stuck-ness – and into action.

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