Here’s what I’m noticing and I can’t stay quiet about it any more. 

You are doing too many disclaimers before you speak. 

You discount your expertise. Your work. Your skills. Your personality. 

We need to throw this in the trash.

Imposter syndrome, low self worth or confidence, and self-deprecation are intertwined, and are all hot topics in business these days. The point of this is not to make you feel bad, lecture you, or judge you, but ultimately I want to talk about self deprecation to bring awareness to those who do it on the regular, because these negative beliefs about yourself are uncool! 

It isn’t a fun and fluffy topic to discuss- but it’s so very prominent in society and amongst highly intelligent business professionals- especially women. I know so many extremely smart, strong, wonderful people who bring themselves down, are so worried about taking up space, and that discredit their efforts on the regular. 

It can actually be quite heartbreaking to watch… and it’s a goal of mine for me to help you kick this mentality! 

I want you to take this podcast and leave feeling amazing, confident, and with more belief in yourself to show up in the world bigger and as the fullest and best version of yourself. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to entertain self awareness amidst judging yourself and why it’s such a big step in squashing self-deprecation all together. 
  • How self-deprecating humour is actually counterproductive on your journey to success. 
  • Why being curious is important when navigating a harsh sense of self. 
  • Why I never entertain my clients, friends or social circle when people are being self deprecating. 

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