Self Stories

This past week, one of my clients was struggling with this thought, “I don’t know where my ideal clients are.” She felt confused and unclear. She was spending lots of time on passive action, asking for advice, and consuming trainings on marketing — but not taking massive action in her business that could make her visible to her ideal clients.

Most of the thoughts we have about ourselves on a day to day basis feel like factual observations. We feel like we are just observing the truth about ourselves, like we are watching an animal in the zoo making notes about its behavior.

The truth is that the thoughts we have about ourselves aren’t factual observations at all – they are stories. And the stories we tell about ourselves become who we are. Not the other way around. Every single day, we are telling ourselves stories… about ourselves.

In this episode, I’m going to be giving you my tips on how to separate stories from facts, and teaching you how to use your Self Stories to change anything you want in your life or business.

Want to get more visible to your ideal clients?

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I am Samantha Siffring.

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