Selling Coaching

Want to sell more coaching?

You’ve got to lead yourself: your thoughts and your feelings. 

Selling coaching is 99% mental work. You need to understand the emotional drivers behind buying decisions and leading yourself to inspire and attract clients. There’s so much power in the visual of leading your thoughts and feelings, and that self-leadership is what’s going to be irresistible to clients.

Today on the Simple Online Business podcast, I’m talking specifically to coaches about how to sell coaching: the psychological aspects of selling coaching, the importance of self-confidence and self-leadership and why emotional factors influence client’s hiring decisions.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to sell coaching and the mental work involved (99% is mental)
  • The importance of self-confidence and the power of your thoughts in your own marketing
  • Why people hire coaches and how emotional factors influence their buying decision
  • Why leading yourself matters (and how to do it).
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