Speaking Your Truth: Shannon Brome-Ward

Recently my client Shannon Brome-Ward opened up to our mastermind with her thoughts about visibly making money as a Black woman, and how scary and unsafe that is. 

I’ve been thinking about her words ever since, and it’s a perspective I wanted to bring to you as well… because this is a topic I cannot speak to – but I think you need to hear.

On today’s empowering episode I’ve brought on Money Mindset coach Shannon Brome-Ward in place of myself to give her the space and voice to speak her truth when it comes to making money in business. She believes that changing your relationship with money is the key to creating more money. Which in turn provides you with a ton of options in life. However, this podcast isn’t so much about her business per se, but about how she got the courage to speak her truth as a successful black female entrepreneur. 

Listen as she takes the mic today in hopes of spreading awareness to those who have struggled with the same “hush” mindset for years. Shannon talks about how important it is for women to speak up and show up in a much more impactful and larger way.

Not only is she doing this for herself, but for those who never had the chance. For those who want to but haven’t had the courage, and for those that will in the future. As a black woman navigating life as a successful entrepreneur, she has, like many others, jumped through hoops to get to where she is today.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How liberating it feels to speak up after years of growing money in secret or in the shadows of your business. 
  • Why playing small discourages you from speaking your truth or showing up for yourself/others with the most impact you possibly can.
  • The importance of moving past fear-based trauma after years of staying quiet.

Learn More About Shannon Brome-Ward:

Shannon Brome-Ward is a Money Mindset Coach who understands how it feels to wonder where your money goes each month and the frustration of never getting ahead. After building over one million dollars in net worth, Shannon discovered the secret to money. Changing the way you think about money is everything. Then committing to a customized plan enables you to have the exact life you want.

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