Tech Overwhelm

When I started building my business, I looked to successful business owners as my guide for how to do it. I saw snazzy websites, complicated funnels, courses, and lots of technology to back it all up – so I did the same. 

Long story short, it didn’t work. 

Technology doesn’t create our results in business – and it’s actually not even required. Yet, I see fear and confusion around technology holding back so many people who want to start businesses.

On this episode of Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I am talking about how to avoid technology overwhelm, the truth about technology in your business, and the four categories of technology that you might want to consider having – and why. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the technology of in online business can feel so overwhelming, and why it doesn’t have to
  • How to decide when it’s time to hire someone in your business, and what for
  • Why the technology you need for your business can be narrowed down to 4 simple things, and how to implement them
  • Why waiting to invest in your business until after you’ve made money is actually a backwards approach
  • An exclusive first look at my brand new workshop, How to Build Your Online Business.

Featured on this episode:

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