The 4 Things You Need To Succeed With Your Online Business

When you think about what you need to start an online/service-based business, what do you think of?

Business cards? Website? Logo? Branding? Facebook Ads? Funnels?

I definitely thought I needed all of that when I first started, and it’s funny looking back at how much time I spent on all of those things. What isn’t funny is how much time and money I spent on those while making NOTHING in my business for months.

Despite all our best intentions, just starting up a website does not guarantee anyone will see it. Having Facebook ads leading to fancy funnels doesn’t do anything for you if you don’t have a clear niche and message yet.

Here’s what you actually need to get some momentum going in your business: Belief, Focus, Commitment, and Courage.

I know, right? These are literally the 4 things we didn’t want it to be. Also… how can these mindset things really matter? Let me explain:


You have to believe – or at least be open to believing – that being successful from a business you create yourself is possible. You have to suspend your disbelief (because you haven’t done this before) and let possibility and imagination guide you. If you have blocks around believing in yourself, or blocks around making money, you will unintentionally sabotage yourself. Getting awareness of your beliefs and changing them is crucial, and it’s part of the successful online entrepreneur’s journey.


Hey girl. I see you there. You have a lot of passion, and not much clarity about what you want, and how you want to do it. It’s time to get clarity. What are your goals? Where are you going? What is your message? If you don’t have a clue, your audience won’t have a clue either! Once you know that, narrow down more: who is your target audience? Pick a niche. What is your offer? How will you market? Make choices then focus on those. Have your own back and stop chasing shiny objects.


Once you’ve got your focus, it’s time to commit. If you hold on to the belief that you’re going to figure out how to be successful in your business no matter what, guess what is going to happen? You are GOING to figure it out – no matter what. Even if people say no, even if you have a launch that flops, even if life gets busy. Committing to consistently showing up to grow your business is the secret to success that most people avoid. Don’t fall into that trap – stop taking breaks – commit – you can do this!


Courage is necessary because all of the above is HARD. It’s scary. It’s new. Our brains hate doing new things. They’re going to try to talk us out if it and show us all the terrible things that could happen if you’re taking a risk to do something new. Courage is taking action despite fear. You are going to be afraid sometimes, and there will be times you don’t feel like following through. Courage means you can do it anyway. I believe in you.

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