The Badass Mother Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Melissa Ronda

On episode 2, Samantha interviews Melissa Ronda, the brilliant and beautiful coach behind The Honest Weigh. Melissa helps busy women ditch the diet, stop eating their feelings, and take their power back. Since launching The Honest Weigh in 2014, she has helped over 400 women lose well over 13,600 pounds and counting! Even more important than that, they keep it off with the mindset shift and systems taught in Melissa’s signature #plan6 program. Melissa is a lover of all things girl power, she’s a meal prep maven, and hopefully your new best friend.

You can find Melissa over at The Honest Place (, her Facebook group for busy women who want to get on the path to food freedom.


  • Family patterns and making changes
  • Keeping the weight off and self love as the only way to get to lasting change.
  • Debunking the expectation that we should be small, quiet, and not take up space and taking over the world as women
  • Reconciling not identifying solely as a mother

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