The Business You Want to Have

People are willing to hustle and follow someone else’s rules and ideas to get to a certain place, and it totally works – but then they realize that what they’ve built is something they don’t even want. 

Early in our businesses, we think that money is the solution. And money IS a solution. It solves a lot of problems. 

But if more money is the only thing you focus on, the sacrifices you’ll make to get there aren’t sacrifices you’ll want to keep making. But they’ll be sacrifices that are built into the structure of your business… so either you keep making them, or your team does, but either way, someone’s burning out.

As we all know, the term “burnout” is popping up left, right and center. If you’re not feeling the passion anymore or have been struggling to keep motivated in your business, you too might fall into the burnout pipeline if you don’t take action soon. 

The way I’ve built my business over the years, often breaking “rules” from well known experts and even my own mentors, has led me to have a consistent 7 figure a year business, working part time, with both me and my team thriving! 

On today’s episode I talk about the business you WANT to have in order to find your happiness and success. Less people are in tune with their emotions, and more people are doing work they don’t like doing. Having passion for what you do is so extremely important, and it’s a red flag when you begin feeling like the passion in your business is dwindling. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How important it is to build your business the way YOU want to build it. 
  • Why asking yourself where you want to go and how you want to get there is extremely important in carving out your journey. 
  • Why the overall vision is crucial to your success and finding time to visualize is key. 
  • Why it’s so crucial to tap into the biggest version of yourself. 
  • How the Mastermind is for the creation of the business you actually want to have. 

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I am Samantha Siffring.

Through my coaching business and done-for-you agency, I help online business owners build profitable businesses without burning out.