The Dangerous Magic Money Machine, Funnels, And How Copy Is Changing

How many times have you ever scrolled on social media, and come across something promising you the ANSWER to success in your business? 

These posts are usually things like:

“Ready to learn my secret of how I made 5k in 30 days?”

“Swipe up if you are ready to make 6 figures” 

…and so on and so forth. 

 For this topic, I wanted to bring in my client,  Andrea Scalici, with me as a guest. We are diving into this idea of this “money making machine” pitch. The biggest problem with these, is that the new business owners look up to their mentors for guidance, and inspiration. As a result, they make this sky-high goal for themselves, before they maybe have even made their first dollar in their business. Which unfortunately, can lead to disappointment, burn out, and, in some cases. Debt. 

In this episode, Andrea and I will talk about the negativity surrounding this concept of magic money machines, why funnels aren’t always the answer for growth, and you’ll hear me getting worked up about the state of marketing in 2023 and how to stand out. 

View our discussion below:

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Stop managing things like it’s 2005. No more working 40-60-80 hour work weeks. As a Certified Life Coach, a work-life balance expert, a woman with an MBA, a business owner (just like you!), and someone who has made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, I help my clients stop overworking and start enjoying their lives again.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why being too close to your business makes you blind to how potential clients perceive your content
  • How to build your business up for long term success, instead of short relationships and one-time purchases
  • Why paying for ads and putting all of your energy into the success of a funnel might be a bad thing
  • How you can utilize your trust and relationships with your audience to create meaningful and useful content people want to invest in
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