The Innovation Cycle

School broke our brains. At least… it did if we want to build successful businesses as entrepreneurs. 

It taught us this: DO NOT FAIL. And then when we go to start a business… we are confused trying to figure out the equation for getting an A. Or at the very least, how to avoid failure.

Many of my clients come to me looking to avoid failure. But the success plan for business IS failing. Everything that’s ever been invented has come from failure: rockets, lightbulbs, anti-wrinkle cream…

The key is: you have to evaluate your failures.

Basically, you set a goal (yes it’s often arbitrary!) and make up a plan (yes it’s going to be your best guess) that you *think* will help you hit that goal.

Then.. you do that plan.

You fail.

Finally, you make tweaks to your plan based on the lessons you learned from failing, and try again.

This is The Innovation Cycle.

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’ll teach you the 5 steps of The Innovation Cycle, how I use The Innovation Cycle in my own business to learn from my failures, and why it will help you hit every goal you set for your business (and life!)

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why there is truly no such thing as a guaranteed success plan
  • The 5 steps of The Innovation Cycle that will get you success faster
  • Why failure is actually crucial to creating success in your business
  • What it really means to be committed to your goal, no matter what
  • How I’ve been applying The Innovation Cycle to my new offer: Time Redesigned

Featured on this episode:

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