The Last Episode

Welcome to the end of what was the beginning of my podcast experience as a business mentor. If you’ve caught an episode or two of our most recent episodes, I’ve  talked about how I am retiring this podcast and launching a brand new podcast from scratch in January 2023.

So, I wanted to have  an official kind of retrospective episode. An episode reflecting and talking about all of the changes and nuances that come with creating a new podcast,  and sharing some of my thought process around it. 

I have been putting this podcast out there for four and a half years. I started in the middle of 2018, so that’s four and a half years. And I think for many of you listening, the idea of stopping an established and successful podcast seems like a terrifying leap of faith. 

But it is so exciting to me. There is so much I have learned and experienced as a business owner because of this podcast, and I am SO excited to take you on this journey of reflection at the end of the path of Online Business Building Mamas. 

This week, I will share and chat with you about the things I believe should be the staples in growing a stable and consistent business. While also, being able to build balance into your current commitments and people in your life. 

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to make room both in and for your business to thrive to it’s fullest potential
  • How showing up as your true and most authentic self is what your business need to be successful
  • Why being clear about the message and the content you provide from your business will bring you happiness

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