The Parallels Between A Successful Business And Sustainable Health Goals

When was the last time you felt let down in your business? 

Think about the situations and efforts surrounding that disappointment. 

Ask yourself:

-Were you showing up as best as you could for that offer?

-Did you do everything you possibly could to market yourself?

So then WHY? If you truly believe in your heart of hearts, that you did everything you possibly could.

Why do you feel like you failed?

This idea of consistency HAS to equal high returning efforts is a notion that we see in varied areas of our life.

From business to health/wellness, we have had this ideology drilled into our brains that if you work hard enough, the results will ALWAYS come. 

And that just isn’t always the case. 

For today’s episode, I invited one of my clients, Victoria Yates, to the podcast to discuss just that. We will talk about the similarities between business and health, self trust, consistency, and more.

View our discussion below:

Learn More About Victoria Yates:

Victoria is a health coach who helps clients make peace with their bodies and food, and pursue health goals with a more intuitive and sustainable approach.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How not trusting ourselves is a precondition to believing everyone else is a better expert than we are in all aspects of our lives
  • Why the idea of “failure means you cannot go further” is the exact opposite of how life really works, and we need to change our mindset around this vision
  • How being in touch with yourself, and your intuition, will allow you to have a more realistic view when listening to experts
  • Why consistency won’t always lead you to the outcome you are looking for
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