The Power of Planning

Are you serious about committing to yourself, showing up, and doing the work? Are you ready to challenge yourself to grow and test your limits? Do you have hope next year can be different, but have no idea how to make that happen?

With the right goals and planning, you can build the business of your dreams! Take a look at my wonderful client’s success since registering for Design:

Suzanne was starting her virtual assisting business from scratch this time last year – and now has a six figure business. 

Chrissie left her job and started her own marketing business and is thriving. 

Maria achieved her goal of making $100k as a brand designer.

Jill is showing up in her coaching business as the CEO and has more than doubled her revenue from last year. 

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, 4 of my incredible clients are sharing their inspiring stories about their business growth. They all participated in my free annual planning event (Design) in the past, and credit it with some of their most powerful business breakthroughs.

Watch our discussion below!

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why belief in yourself, your goals and your plan is SO important when building your business.
  • The #1 myth that is holding you back from making more money then you ever thought possible.
  • Why you NEED to prioritize putting on the CEO hat, instead of wearing ALL the hats in your business. 
  • How goal setting and productive planning will allow you to step into your next level of success.

Learn more about Suzanne:

Suzanne Dayton is a Marketing Strategist and owner of LevelUp Co., a Virtual Executive Assistant agency that helps coaches grow their businesses and amplify their voices with a team of strategic business partners. She has her Bachelors of Marketing,  M.B.A., and spent years in the corporate world learning that all too often teams are not looking at the strategic picture, but rather just checking things off a list. So she started LevelUp Co. and alongside her business partner Kacey Hayes, has created an agency that strategically supports business growth while getting things done.

Learn more about Chrissie:

Chrissie Riese is the founder of Data Driven Rebel, a consulting group that helps established business owners make data-driven & profit-generating decisions so they can stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work. She’s been the secret weapon behind several six-figure launches and believes in the value of connection over clicks. You can find her at where her services are rooted in data, driven by impact, and challenge conventional thinking.

Learn more about Maria:

Maria Platusic is the owner and creative director behind Platusic Design Creative Studio. Award winning branding designer, brand strategist, and WordPress magic maker. She has been at this game for over 20 years. First working at corporate helping fortune 500 businesses develop their brands to now helping small business owners and high achieving entrepreneurs scale and grow; Via effective brand strategy and gorgeous branding design to achieve their big picture goals.

Learn more about Jill:

Jill Morris is a Life Coach for Creatives, helping them overcome perfectionism and imposter syndrome so they can live and create an authentic, creative life they are stoked on. She is a musician + creative (cross stitch, zines, planners, + more) herself, based out of Seattle, Washington. She currently works with clients 1:1, virtually.

Featured on this episode:

  • Let’s make 2022 the year you step into your next level! Design 2022 is open for enrolment! Click here to join us December 6-10!
  • Doors to Mama to CEO open December 6-13! Click here for more information.
  • Get visible with my new FREE guide – 61 Ways to Get More Visible to Your Ideal Clients! Click here to download!
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