The Power of Showing Up with Brenna

A few weeks ago, I was having a meeting with Brenna, my COO and sister. We are in the process of moving platforms (from Ontraport to Kajabi), so she was cleaning up the Booked Out Business portal and looking through stats. 

And then she said….

The clients who log into the portal regularly are the clients who get the best results. 

Maybe that seems like a “duh” moment – but to have such a clear piece of evidence of it still surprised me. Just the act of showing up regularly to stay engaged with the program and coaching was strongly correlated to that person getting results. 

On this week’s episode of the Simple Online Business podcast, I invited Brenna on to talk about it and share our thoughts with you about how to leverage the power of showing up.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How just showing up can dramatically transform your business
  • The importance of client engagement and the impact on results
  • How to find consistency and take manageable action in your business
  • Why dedicating time to work strategically on your business can have lasting effects
  • The surprising relation between client participation and burnout
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