The real story of hitting my income goal

This month, I finally hit my goal monthly income that I set for myself this year. It was a huge leap from where I was in January – and I had a secret suspicion I’d never get there.

What worked:
– showing up consistently
– caring about other people and making real connections
– hiring coaches (I have 2)
– taking risks, being willing to fail
– being MYSELF
– building my belief in myself and my business
– learning new social media platforms & hiring experts to help me

What didn’t work:
– my first attempt at a membership (the second is working!)
– a LOT of consult calls as I worked with my coach to improve how I do those calls, I got worse before getting better
– cleaning my house & cooking dinner (thankful to my family, partner, and the cleaner we hired for picking up the things I could not hold anymore)
– many, many FB lives where I was awkward, made mistakes, or no one watched live
– technology – a lot of the time it totally failed me
– many, many pitches to be featured in articles/on websites
– Facebook ads – YET
– staying happy and peaceful all the time (sometimes I was a wreck or had meltdowns or was really seriously anxious)
– becoming a millionaire in 6 weeks (lol ok that was not what I was going for anyway)

I could keep going but I think you get the point. There’s not a formula for this. Sometimes it is messy. Sometimes we fail, struggle, or break down in tears. But if we keep going, we will get there. Keep going, mama!!! <3

photo: one of my favorites from my first business photo shoot- before any of the failures, lessons, or success – just a heart full of big dreams!!

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