The Secrets to Consistency

So many of you tell me that you struggle with consistency. I think a lot of you have an idea of how I do things and you think it is the right or correct way.  

That way won’t work for you. The things that work for me are the things that I found by being willing to do it the wrong way, by being willing to do things differently than many other people do them. 

YOU get to decide what consistency looks like for you.

I was willing to get messy. I was willing to find a way that works for me. And that’s why I’m able to do the things that you see me do.

I teach that consistency is a super important thing in our businesses, but I certainly wasn’t born consistent. I don’t teach consistency because it’s something I’m innately good at, but because it’s something I’ve had to work for – and doing that work has totally paid off.

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my secrets to consistency that I think will really help you see consistency in a new way if it’s something you also struggle with.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why consistency is important in building trust and healthy relationships with your clients
  • My eye-opening analogy for understanding why consistent effort is key to building an audience
  • How your consistency might not look the same as someone else’s AND that’s okay.
  • How keeping things simple will help you in providing value regularly to your ideal clients 
  • My TOP recommendation for those of you who struggle with consistency

Featured on this episode:

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