There Are No Flukes in Business

Today’s podcast episode is a topic that I coach on ALL the time.

I always have clients who have some success in their business and they try to convince me that it was a fluke.

There are no flukes in business. Erase the word “fluke” from your vocabulary RIGHT NOW. There is no room for that idea in your business.

On this episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I share with you why I’m so passionate about rejecting this concept of “flukes” in business – why I think it’s harmful for achieving your goals, and how to set down the idea of accidental success once and for all.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why calling your achievements a fluke is a guaranteed way to halt your progress.
  • How taking full responsibility for your results will make you MORE money than anything else.
  • Why a successful business doesn’t magically appear and the thought process behind recreating your results.

Featured on this episode:

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