Unicorn Days

Say nice things to others, if you want someone to say nice things to you. It’s something we all practice and value with other people. However, we struggle with speaking nicely to ourselves. 

This week’s episode, we will be chatting about not just learning and speaking to ourselves in nice ways in different situations we encounter in our business, but how to handle  the negative feelings in the first place. 

We will also be chatting about this idea of “Unicorn Days” when it comes to the perfect picture of our business. While these Unicorn Days are nice ideas to have in the back of our minds, we need to be realistic, and intentional with the tasks, time, and feelings we put into our business.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding and accepting that building your business isn’t your only priority
  • How working around the circumstances you have will make you a better business owner

Why it’s ok to listen and adhere to your boundaries that you need for your business

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