Useful Thoughts

Forming new thoughts and beliefs is how you create new results. This is personal development 101. 

But, when most of us go to implement new thoughts, we think there are “right thoughts” or “good thoughts” – and we tend to choose ones that sound like the right answer.

What I’ve noticed is that even with lots and lots of mindset work, sometimes people are still stuck, and not seeing a shift in themselves or their businesses.

This is because there is no right answer. Business isn’t school, and coaching and thought work aren’t tests you need to pass.

Ultimately, the only thoughts that matter to us are useful thoughts – the thoughts that actually create the results we really want in our lives and businesses.

So, on today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I’m explaining why this is true. I break down the self-coaching model to explain the connection between our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results, and share a helpful tool that you can use, starting right now, to determine what useful thoughts will get you your desired results.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the self-coaching model actually is, and how to use it to reach your goals 
  • Why shifting your thoughts about building your business will change your results
  • How to know if the thought you are choosing is a useful thought that leads to action
  • Why lack of trust in ourselves doesn’t have to be a roadblock to consistency in our business

Featured on this episode:

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  • Click here to listen to Episode #116: Making Room in Your Business

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