What I learned about business from my bike-riding neighbor

The one where I’m a bad neighbor

I can see the road in front of my house from my office. I often work in the evenings after my partner gets home and we have this neighbor who rides his bike around the block approx. a million times every.single.night.

You might right now be wondering what in the world this has to do with your business but it does – I promise.  ?

So this grown man rides past my office window 8674 times per evening during my prime work time. He catches my eye all 8674 times.

I rage – why can’t he go on a real bike ride down to the park or something? Also we live a block off a road that is a destination ride for our area – why not go there? Why can’t I look somewhere else and not be so bothered by this?

So what does this have to do with your business? What did I learn from this neighbor?

It’s about consistency. Making a commitment. Showing up every day to do the thing you committed to doing.

Regardless of the weather, how you feel, or how many followers you have.

Consistency and showing up gets attention. Like I said, we live near a popular bike route and we get a lot of bikers going by but guess which one I know? It’s the guy who is there every single day at the same exact time.

Make this your marketing strategy and you’ll be unstoppable.

Want to get more visible to your ideal clients?

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