What to do when life is meh

Almost all of my clients are at the same place when they sign up for coaching: life looks great on paper but the truth is they just aren’t feeling it. Things aren’t quite right but they feel completely stuck and have no idea what to do about it.

The best way to get unstuck and figure out your next steps is to build up your relationship with yourself. There are a lot of components to this, but just like with any other relationship, step one is getting to know the person. So.. how well do you know yourself?

Sure, you know you love pizza, wine, and the Bachelor, but do you know what is under the surface? You might be avoiding it – sometimes when we look inside, we find a lot of painful memories and secret insecurities. It’s a lot easier to pour another glass of wine, binge another show, and ignore our thoughts and feelings.

But if you’re feeling stuck, confused, or just meh about your life, all the answers about what to do next are inside. And take a deep breath after reading that. Don’t panic about how you don’t know and will never figure it out. This takes time and I promise you are not falling behind in life. Right now, you are not spending enough time working toward what is important to you, and honestly… you probably don’t even know what is important to you. You can collect clues from what you loved to do as a child, what comes up when you make a vision board, and what makes you angry. You can also work with a coach (hi). I have a ton of resources & activities to help you get in there and figure things out, which are included in #Adulting and The Roadmap. I also just developed an awesome free cheat sheet that will help you start figuring out who you are, what you want, and what to do about it. Click below to fill out the form & get started! (You’ll also get my weekly newsletter with even more tips and resources and no scammy ickiness because I’m so not about that.)

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