What You Actually Need to Know about Marketing

Here’s what I know: there is NO magic formula. Every FB ad you see where the glam girl is selling the formula for 10k months or 6 figure launches is selling what worked for HER. (& that’s great, but you might just be wasting your $2997 if you buy the formula that she claims is one-size-fits-all)
STOP the madness of buying course after marketing course to try to find what will actually work for you.
If there was a secret sauce that everyone else but you knew, entrepreneurs wouldn’t have such a large failure rate. I’m going to repeat it again: there is no magic formula.
And while you might be freaking out right now – this is actually amazing news. It means:
?You don’t have to take photos of yourself in a bikini in Bali on a floaty unicorn raft
?You don’t have to be an extrovert
?You don’t have to pretend you’re an ultra-expert when you’re a newbie
?You don’t have to force yourself to write blogposts if you are a terrible writer or do youtube if you are awkward on camera
?You don’t have to build a funnel before you launch your business (you don’t even need to know what they are)
?You don’t have to offer a course
?You don’t have to do FB ads
Basically, you can disregard all of the so-called magic bullets you keep seeing out there.
Here’s what you really need to know:
? be really freaking clear on who you help and what problem you’re solving for them
? the answer to the question of where to market is to find the magic places that are both where “your people” are and where you shine best
? you need to be massively visible and that takes vulnerability – the courage to be the real you, even though you’re terrified of being rejected
? create tons of content that actually helps the people you want to help – for free.
? keep taking action and trying new things until you find what works for you (but still keep taking action and trying while doing what works because people and algorithms change)
This applies no matter what kind of a business you’re building. Stop trying to find a course that is going to give you the recipe for success – make your own recipe by knowing yourself really well, playing to your strengths, and working on personal growth/mindset every single day.

Ready to create your simple, doable marketing plan?

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