Where Will You Be a Year From Now?

I don’t know about you, but this time of year, I get into a very reflective mood. 

I love to think about what I’ve created in the past year, and my overall journey – as well as looking forward to what is ahead. December has always felt very magical to me, and it gets me so full of gratitude for the past, and excitement and possibility about the future. 

This year, I gathered groups of past Design participants to join me on the podcast to chat about what they’ve created in the past year since they did Design 2021.

Take a look at my wonderful client’s success since participating in Design and joining Mama to CEO.

Within 8 weeks of joining Mama to CEO Jessica had her first 10k month and now has a 6-figure business.

Darlynn had never made a goal until registering for Design 2020. In Design 2021 she set a goal of making $120K and has now surpassed it!

Sarah joined Mama to CEO in July. She had her first 10K month in August and hasn’t looked back!

Hanni learned how to build a business that truly lights her up. She has now found a work-life balance while also making money.

Every story is different, but each one is going to inspire you in a different way and open your eyes to what is possible for you. 

On today’s episode of the Online Business Building Mamas podcast, I have 4 of my inspiring clients sharing their stories about what they’ve created in the past year since they did Design 2021. We reflect on their growth and how they did it.

Watch our discussion below!

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How fast things can change in your business when you finally commit and take responsibility for yourself
  • The power behind setting personal money milestones and not focusing on the accomplishments of others
  • Why the people who are fixated on growing fast are hindering their potential
  • The importance of believing in yourself and no longer playing the victim of circumstance

Learn more about Jessica:

Jessica Klasnick is a certified Women’s Life Coach. She helps women flip the script on their lives and fall in love with their husbands again, stop yelling at their kids and show up for their own evolution. There are two ways to work with her: Expanded Living, her one on one coaching program and Love the One You’re With, her signature group relationship training.

Learn more about Darlynn:

Darlynn Childress has been a life and parent coach since 2012. She has helped hundreds of parents feel calmer and create a peaceful home through her coaching program called Calm Mama School. She’s a former teacher and mother to 2 teenage sons, living in Southern California.

Learn more about Sarah:

Sarah Plowman is a stay-at-home-mom turned $18k/mo life coach who helps you build unshakeable confidence so you can design your dream life and business. Come into her world so you can create yours. 

Learn more about Hanni:

Hanni Killilea is an estate planning attorney. She helps Utah parents create effective estate plans that will protect their children and maintain family relationships in the event of a parent’s unexpected accident or death.

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Featured on this episode:

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