Why You Suck At Selling

Is everyone interested in what you offer but never buys?

Are your consultation, discovery, or 3 way calls epic fails?

Do you hate the word selling and try every technique you can to convince yourself you are “being of service” instead?

Hey mama. I know it might hurt to hear, but you suck at selling! Don’t worry though – this can be an easy fix. First, you need to remember to BE A REAL DAMN PERSON. So many of us get so triggered around the idea of selling that we turn into:

A sleazy used car salesman stereotype if we are more extroverted/outgoing. Think: pushy, overbearing, and people want to run from you.

A sell, sell, sell robot if we are more introverted/reserved or less confident. Think: you’re delivering a stiff infomercial and your friends are wondering where their friend went.

Have you been having a sales conversation with someone who is genuinely interested in your product or service and all is going well and then suddenly you are having this out of body experience where you feel like you’re not even being yourself and you’ve turned into one of these two selling personas? This used to happen to me a lot – I typically became the selling robot but if I had a little wine sometimes I could be the sleazy salesman too. Lucky me.

Here’s what I learned, all you have to do is remember you’re an actual human being. And so is the person you’re talking to. And this should be like every other conversation you have with them. Think about how easy it is to talk about your next favorite Netflix show or that amazing dress you just found from Target (it has pockets!) – it’s SO easy, right? Did you realize you’re actually selling in those moments? You just don’t realize it.

Which brings me to the other tip I have for you: MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. Sure, the “be of service” thing works for some – if that helps you, great. If that feels a little out there for you, just remember that you’re offering something you love and it’s up for them to decide if it’s right for them. Rejection is nothing to fear – and it’s a part of the path to success.

Imagine if you were walking around a party with a platter of THE BEST chocolate cake in the whole world. You would offer it to people, and be like “wow, this is the actual best chocolate cake in the world! We are so lucky to have this at our party! Do you want some?” And some people would say, “yes! I love average chocolate cake so I’m really pumped to get to try the best in the world!” and some would say, “I hate chocolate cake,” and some would say, “I am allergic to chocolate.” And that would be fine, right? It doesn’t have anything to do with your worth as a human being if they take your chocolate cake or not. Just because someone doesn’t like or is allergic to chocolate doesn’t mean this isn’t the best in the world. It just means it isn’t for them.

If you don’t sell for the sake of avoiding hearing “NO!” you will never get the reward of a “YES!”

So… check your mindset, and be a real damn human.

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