You Don’t Have To Become A Bitch To Get Rich

 I feel like everybody who has heard about this topic is so excited for it.

More importantly, my guest, and client, Shannon Broward, was SO excited to talk about this.

Periodically, I hear this idea surrounding money  from clients over the years…

That, “to make money, you have to basically be mean”.

Taking it even further, the concept of, “do you have to become a bitch to get rich”.

Shannon was the perfect person to talk to about this, because she knows first hand how being a business owner/woman in different industries can play into this mentality. Even though people may not realize it, when  they’re working toward  building wealth, or building their businesses, this belief is always tucked away. 

In this episode, Shannon and I explore the idea that successful women have to change and become evil, lose relationships, and sacrifice their values. We talk about media coverage of rich people in general, (this is definitely going to ruffle some feathers!, and I ask Shannon for her advice for you.

View our discussion below:

Learn More About Shannon Brome-Ward:

Shannon Brome-Ward is a Certified Money Mindset & Life Coach who made 1M while working a 9-5. She is passionate about helping 6-figure earners confidently manage their money, become wealthy, and have everything they want without working more hours (and lose the guilt, fear, and shame about money along the way).

Shannon believed at one point that getting out of debt meant depriving herself of everything fun – shopping, dining, vacations, which of course left her miserable, and quitting on her budget. She finally discovered a plan that changed her money mindset forever that helped her pay off her debt, save for retirement, and invest in real estate. Her new life with money allows for fun, sustainability, and generates the security that she and her family now enjoy.

Now, Shannon uses her coaching practice to help others create financial freedom, feel confident building wealth, and have a joyful, secure future – free of deprivation.

Shannon lives in NJ with her 2 sons (ages 14 & 17), her partner, and the only other girl in the house – her Golden Doodle, Hamilton who is also Canadian. She loves traveling, reading and spending time with friends and family.

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On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How knowing where you want to be intentional with your money and how you spend it is important as a business owner 
  • Why negative personality traits and habits are almost always amplified by money
  • How it’s important to search for the people that are aligned with your beliefs both behaviorally and socially when trying to build a successful business
  • Why not everyone who is a millionaire is obsessed with showing off their money
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