The Honest Retreat


a business planning retreat for female entrepreneurs

october 10-13, 2019

manitou springs, colorado


Let’s Be Honest


You’re ready to make more money in your business but don’t know how to do that without working double the time. You are focusing on the day to day in your business – and life! – and not being as intentional as you want to be about big picture vision and strategy.

Sister, I’ve got your back. I’m a business coach who not only has built her own successful business – but more importantly, has helped many other women do the same. I created this retreat to answer the one thing my clients were looking for: time to envision the big picture, create their plans for growth, and map out their marketing – but with the benefit of help and a facilitator.

It’s time. To make more money. To manage your time better. To be intentional with your business growth. To treat yourself like the CEO. And to do it all on your own terms, playing to your strengths.

If you don’t make time for this, you will continue to be lost and your business will not be sustainable. Think about it – how are you supposed to reach a goal you haven’t defined, haven’t created a plan for, and don’t know how to follow through on? 

This weekend will change the trajectory of your business. We will be thinking BIG about your business goals and what is possible, then creating a plan to make those things happen: business model, marketing strategy, and the mindset needed to actually follow through. You will walk away with a clear goal, step by step plans to achieve it, and the tools you need to implement it.

This is For You if


* you are currently a business owner but not taking time to be intentional in your business

* you are ready to grow your business and income, but aren’t sure how to do it

* you suck at managing your time well between client work, business building, and well, life!

* you are kind of lost in your marketing and keep telling yourself you need to sit down and plan it out all at once




When I started working with Samantha I was at a crossroad in my business. I knew I wanted to scale, but wasn’t sure the best way. I interviewed several coaches before I chatted with Samantha, but as soon as we had our initial call, I knew she was the right choice for me. Samantha helped me navigate through all my decisions by giving me honest, constructive feedback and would hold me accountable each week. In just 2 months I was generating 5 figures a month, and am already considering hiring someone. I gained the exact clarity that I needed, and I’m so, SO thankful for Samantha’s coaching and guidance! Emily

What is Included

* 3 nights stay at the beautiful Outlook Lodge in the mountains of Colorado near Pikes Peak, in your own private room (and bathroom, hallelujah!)

* All of your meals, drinks, etc while you are at the lodge

* Wifi at the lodge

* Transportation to/from the airport to the retreat location

* 3 Individual headshots with Samantha’s photographer (you receive digital copies)

* Optional excursions as weather permits (think hikes, tours, driving to the top of Pikes Peak, yoga, and more)

* 3 days of group coaching sessions and workshops to deep dive into your business’s big picture goals, action plans, business model, marketing strategy, mindset, and more

* A private Facebook group to utilize to connect with other attendees before and after the retreat

* 2 group coaching calls post-retreat to cement what you’ve learned and troubleshoot any obstacles

Not included: your flights to Colorado if necessary, meals at the airport and/or before you’re at the retreat location, transportation to our retreat location if you arrive outside of our designated time, spa treatments if desired



The Outlook Lodge

What to Expect

The group will be small, so you’ll get lots of hands on time and attention with me. Each day will be a mix of group coaching/workshops, personal reflection time, group meals, and group activities.


The weather is unpredictable in Colorado! You’ll want to be prepared for 60 degrees & sunny or a snowstorm. (I know, right?)



You will walk away with:

* a rock solid vision for the future of your business

* an easy to implement plan for exactly how to market and grow your business, playing to your strengths

* a deep trust and confidence in yourself as the CEO of your business

* 3 gorgeous brand photos to use on social media, print materials, and anything else you can dream up




$1799, paid in full



How to Sign Up


Want in? Awesome! I am so excited to meet you in Colorado. Click the button below to register!


I can certainly say that there is a “Pre-Samantha” and a “Post-Samantha” point in my business. Hiring her was the best thing I could have done.

Andrea // 1:1 Business Coaching

If I’m being honest, I’ve been in a really dark place in these last few months. This week was the first time in a very long time that I felt inspired and excited about my business!

Amy // Mini Mindset Coaching Program

Working with Samantha as my coach has been an incredible experience. Samantha is endlessly patient, and she finds a way to end every single session on a positive note. Even on my very worst days, I leave my sessions with her feeling relieved and hopeful and armed with a plan for how to tackle whatever obstacle I am facing. I am so grateful for Samantha’s guidance and all the ways she has changed my life!

Maria // 1:1 Coaching

Signed another client! What you teach works! I’m so happy we connected. I wouldn’t have done this without you (or it would have taken me 5 years!)

Jackie // 1:1 Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still benefit if we've already worked together?

Heck yes! I designed this retreat to answer the most common struggle among my clients: not enough time to do the big picture work in their business. Whether you work with me already or not, this retreat will be extremely valuable for you!

What if I don't have a business yet?

Well I would hope you will have launched one by the time the retreat happens, but if you do not have a business yet, please contact me at samantha@samanthasiffring.com to chat more about if this is an appropriate fit for you.

am I in the right stage of business for this?

The awesome part about the work I am bringing to you during this retreat is that it is applicable to business owners at several stages – we ALL need to make more time for big picture planning, CEO hat time, marketing strategizing, and mindset coaching.

When should I book my flights?

We will communicate with you about travel arrangements after you register for the retreat and are working with a travel agent if you would like help booking.

I've never spent this much before on my business and/or self

This is VERY normal. My first retreat was the most I had ever spent on myself before as well. Remember that the point of this retreat is to become more intentional and own your status as CEO in your business. An investment like this one is the first step in that direction.

Will the food cater to my dietary restrictions?

YES! We are creating the menu around the needs of our participants and will discuss this with you after you register.

Why is this retreat so expensive?

First, depending on where you’re looking, this is not an unreasonable cost. That said, there are multiple factors that went into the cost: Colorado real estate/the cost to stay at a nice place, wanting to make this the most magical and easy experience for you, and the work I will put into it to create the most powerful results possible in your business.

Remember to weigh both the fact that you get an enjoyable vacation AND the results you will be getting in your business afterwards.

What if i need to cancel?

The first $500 you pay is non-refundable, whether it is with the payment plan or pay in full. The rest will be refunded if you need to cancel.

You didn't answer my question!

I tried to think of everything, but if I missed your question, let me know! Shoot me a quick email at samantha@samanthasiffring.com

How to Sign Up


Want in? Awesome! I am so excited to meet you in Colorado. Click the button below to register!

More Testimonials

I initially signed up for coaching thinking that it would be mostly about what I was doing in my business – email list building, marketing, new products and services, etc. While that’s certainly a part of it, Samantha has made me realize that the main obstacle to growing my business is my thoughts and mind drama. Before working with Samantha, I didn’t realize how much my own thoughts about my business were holding me back.

Anne, who hit 5 figure months while working together

If you’re ready to do the work, but want to make sure you stay on course and have the support to fight the most important battle – which is in your mind – I would tell you to do whatever it takes to work with a coach like Samantha.

Alicia, replaced her income with her business two months in while working together

How to Sign Up


Want in? Awesome! I am so excited to meet you in Colorado. Click the button below to register!

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