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Scaling: verb. Making more money, while working less time, and helping more people.

In the Simple Scaling Mastermind, I help you take your already thriving online business and scale it.

This means:

feeling completely in control of how much money you make,

following a long term plan to grow your income while decreasing your work hours,

while becoming a sought after expert in your industry,

and impacting more people than ever before, even when you’re asleep or on vacation.

If this is what you’re after.. you’re in the right place.

“The best decision I ever made in my business was hiring Samantha. I have made $40K since the start of the Mastermind and finished my first full year in business at over 100K. But more importantly, I have created the systems that will allow me to scale to multiple 6-figures this year: I hired the people I need and began delegating, I launched and SOLD OUT my first group program, I created a waitlist, and I have stopped worrying about the income results of every individual month because I’m looking at the big picture of what I am creating long term.

April, life coach

I made a million dollars, in twelve months, with three kids 11 and under. And I'm just getting started…

From working while the kids were asleep, to getting in a full work day between school drop off & pick up, to retiring my husband before he turned 35…. for the past decade, I’ve experienced all the highs & lows of online business to create a dream life for my family.

I will help you take your already successful business to the next level, establish yourself as a sought after expert in your industry, and master more advanced business techniques and skills required for creating a multiple six figure business, laying the foundation for millions.

If you want to find out who you really are and what you can actually do, you want to work with Samantha. You want to be with the women in her mastermind who are making it happen. You want to be in the room where possibility becomes reality.“

Erica, life coach

“When I started working with Samantha I was at a crossroad in my business. I knew I wanted to scale, but wasn’t sure the best way. Samantha helped me navigate through all my decisions by giving me honest, constructive feedback. In just 2 months I was generating 5 figures a month, and am already hiring someone.“

Emily, graphic designer

So many business owners avoid scaling…

The truth: scaling your business is easier than building it from the beginning. But it takes an entirely new set of skills and decisions – which are often polar opposite from what worked before. The best place to learn and implement these skills? In a Mastermind with peers who are doing the same.

Ready? Your next step is the

Simple Scaling Mastermind.

“Participating in the…live training for making our [Scale Plan] was mind-blowing! The all-day training gave me a CEO vantage point to see what’s possible for me in the next 3 years, as well as the tools to get there, and I had no idea that level of growth and income potential was available to me!“

Kate, life coach for moms

“Up until about 6 years ago (I’ve been in business for 15 years) I was too scared to even write goals for fear of failure, disappointment and humiliation. So, when you led us through the [Scale Plan] my mind wanted to resist and hide. You helped me to open up what my “CEO self” already knows about how to build this business and own my vision. Now, I’m on my way to $200k, $500k and beyond and the plan is so doable, exciting and fun!“

Melissa, business coach

How to Scale without Hustle:

Exceptional Marketing

The most important skill that allows you to scale? It’s being in total control of the demand for your work. This comes from your ability to convey your message and offer in a way that is irresistible to your ideal clients, and unparalleled in your industry. In this Mastermind, you will develop your skills to sell through marketing vs 1:1 conversations, create your unique message and brand, and establish your reputation as a leader in your industry, captivating your ideal client’s attention (and dollars).

The Vision

Trying to scale without a long term plan is like starting a road trip with no destination. If you’ve been wanting quantum leaps in business, they cannot happen at this level without a clear vision of where you want to go and thoughtfully deciding the route you want to take to get there. In the first three days of this Mastermind, you will craft a long term vision, complete with a step by step guide to reach long term goals in your business, and clear priorities to work on during the next 6 months.

Business Values and Boundaries

The key to a sustainably scaled business is boundaries. Healthy boundaries with your clients and business come from a clear set of business values and standards that you name and then follow. You are not your business, and your business is not you. You will develop a set of business values that sets you and your future employees up to deliver excellence to clients without working round the clock.

Delegation to Team

Building and leading a company without hustle doesn’t happen without a supportive team. Over the next few years, you will be morphing from doer to thinker, developing your leadership skills. You will grow a team at the right time for your business growth, master delegating to others, and become an effective leader/CEO.

How we do it in the Simple Scaling Mastermind:

We will gather in person or virtually for three full days of masterminding, teaching, and powerful decision making. You’ll learn the 4 Principles of Scaling, dive deep into creating exceptional marketing, craft your personalized Long Term Vision, and walk away with clear priorities to work on for the next 6 months in your business and the tools to make it all happen. This is your road map to hit your goals.

Each week, we will meet as a group on a live Zoom call. We will coach on the concepts already taught, new tools, and anything that is slowing you down as you implement what you’ve learned and decided. We will plan and evaluate launches, create marketing strategies, celebrate, and troubleshoot. Every single week, you will walk away with ahas, breakthroughs, and actionable steps to implement over the next week. This is your re-fueling stop each week to inspire you further.

A Mastermind is a collective of many leaders. Within the private community, you will be able to share your wins, struggles, and questions for celebration and support from your peers in the Mastermind who are subject matter experts in their industries. You will also receive bonus coaching and feedback from Samantha. Entrepreneurship without community is lonely – this group is your soft place to land.

Growing and scaling a business challenges nearly every single belief you’ve ever held: about yourself, money, business, your future, and more. Coaching is how we identify our beliefs and consciously choose what we want to believe going forward. To support you in growing your business and brain, you will receive a monthly 1:1 mindset coaching call with one of our program coaches.

You are unique – and the way you scale your business will be unique as well. While the 4 Principles of Scaling are one-size-fits-all, the details, strategy, and implementation of those can vary from person to person, and business to business. Samantha’s mentorship and guidance will be tailored to you, your business model, and your industry. This will be provided as needed, during the live event, coaching calls, and in the private Facebook group.

This mastermind is a serious investment in the business you want to have in 3 years – not just the business you want to have now. Every single client in the Simple Scaling Mastermind demonstrates measurable growth during each 6 month period. In our first round, the average growth throughout the six months was 104% of what they had made in the entire prior year. That means Simple Scaling clients, on average, make slightly more each 6 month period, than they did in the 12 months before. Samantha believes that every client will thrive here – and backs it up with a money back guarantee. Make your $25,000 investment back in the 6 months of the mastermind, or we will refund it to you.

Now is your time

Applications for the October 2021 class will be open August 23-27.

The Live Event will take place October 27-29. In person location TBD, virtual attendance will be available.

The investment is $25,000 in full for the 3 day event and 6 months of coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

The location for the live event is still to be determined. It may be fully virtual, or hybrid. No matter what, the live event will be offered in a livestream format too, for those unable to travel.

Simple Scaling Mastermind is for women who want to scale their business to $500k-$1m+ over the next 3-5 years. In the current round, there are clients who will make $100k, $250k, and $500k+ in 2021.

Simple Scaling Mastermind is the most advanced way to work with Samantha.

If you are still working towards your first $25k, please click here to join Mama to CEO and hit that milestone before joining the Mastermind.

All types of businesses are welcome. We have coaches, consultants, designers, web developers, and even a farmstand in our current round – and all businesses thrive in Simple Scaling Mastermind. 

A 3 day live event, 6 months of weekly group coaching calls, a private Facebook group, 6 monthly 1:1 mindset coaching calls with a program coach, and hard copy program materials mailed to you/given to you at the live event.

$25,000 is a serious investment in the business you want to have now- and several years from now. This level of investment should cause you to pause and evaluate. Nervousness, excitement, and even fear are all normal and expected feelings to have about the biggest investment you’ve ever made.

Here’s what I suggest you consider:

  • Where will you be with your business in October?
  • Where do you want to be in 3 years? What does that future version of you think about this investment?
  • What shifts in how you show up in your business if you invest $25,000?
  • What shifts in how you think about yourself when you invest $25,000?
  • What is the return on investment you are committed to getting during the mastermind?
  • What do you gain from joining now?
  • What do you lose by waiting?
  • What is the worst case scenario? How would you handle that?
  • And what is the best case scenario?

“I initially signed up for coaching thinking that it would be mostly about what I was doing in my business – email list building, marketing, new products and services, etc. While that’s certainly a part of it, Samantha has made me realize that the main obstacle to growing my business is my thoughts and mind drama. Before working with Samantha, I didn’t realize how much my own thoughts about my business were holding me back.”

Anne, web developer

“Since we met last Thursday (when I was sitting at $3500 for the month), I’ve now MET MY $8000 GOAL for this month at $8660! I had 4 consult calls since last week and 3 of them booked! And I have 2 more consult calls scheduled for next week already…I’m so excited!

Christi, graphic designer

“My brain had all kinds of stories about what being a business owner and mom meant – being in this Mastermind has opened my eyes to the fact that these are just stories. I can create whatever life and business I want. I have a young family right now and I WANT to be with them a majority of the time. For a long time I thought that desire meant I couldn’t have a business. But now I know that I can do both.“

Stephanie, speech-language pathologist

The investment is $10,000 in full for
the 2-day event and 6 months of coaching.

The investment is $10,000 in full for the 2-day event and 6 months of coaching.